{Freshly Launched} Women In Business :: White Lotus Living

Freshly Launched :: White Lotus Living

Launched :: Jan Tucker

LaunchHER Says :: Gorgeous on-line shop filled with only the best in pure, nature-based products. Start 2013 off healthy & green!

In HER Words :: You’d be stunned to know what the chemicals in our products do to our bodies and our planet. I know I was. And 216 chemicals we still use are directly linked to breast cancer!*

When I learned this, I had a breast cyst that increased my cancer risk to 50%. I’ve since greened my whole life and returned to nature—no more chemicals! But 95% of products labeled green still contain chemicals.

After a grueling search to find affordable pure products that really work, I started a website so everyone can live a truly natural life. Now it’s so easy to create a spa-like atmosphere in your home! Everything is in one place at www.whitelotusliving.com.

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  1. Love Jan’s products! She does ALL the footwork so I (and you) don’t have to. :) I love how the lotions feed my skin and make it glow. I even use them on my face! Better than anything I’ve used before! It’s nice to feel like I’m treating my body with TLC, and not breaking the bank to do it. Thank you Jan! :)

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