{Freshly Launched} Women In Business :: My Crowning Jewel

Freshly Launched :: My Crowning Jewel

Launched :: Veronica Chapman

LaunchHER Says :: Exquisite head wraps mean no more bad hair days or nighttime breakage. Even more exquisite is their mission to empower, employ & give back.

In HER Words :: My Crowning Jewel grew out of my frustration with my options for protecting my hair overnight.  Like many other women, for years I’ve had to use bonnets and scarves that were unattractive and did not stay on. I enlisted my aunt, Luisa Chapman, a remarkable designer, to help create a product to address this issue. Together we are bringing fashion to function with our head wrap “Jewels!” We believe that whether we wrap our hair to protect our hair, to adorn our crowns following hair loss, or just to mask a bad hair day, we still can look fabulous!

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