{Freshly Launched} Women in Business :: My Piece of Chocolate

Freshly Launched :: My Own Piece of Chocolate

Launched :: Jen Hilling

LaunchHER Says :: Because every day is the perfect day for some chocolate! Handcrafted confections perfect for giving….or keeping……

In HER Words ::

Hi, my name is Jen Hilling and I am the owner/creator of My Piece of Chocolate. What started out as a hobby continues to evolve and grow into a prosperous business that creates and specializes in designer chocolate custom made gifts. Typically delivered in baskets (also custom made),they include homemade chocolate covered pretzels, Oreos, gourmet pieces, crazy combination bark/bars, etc. I get pure joy and the utmost personal satisfaction creating custom orders such as favors, baskets, gifts, and platters, by bringing the customers vision to reality, although basic items are always available.  “My Piece of Chocolate” is very special to me, in part, because through this company I am able to be a part of my customer’s special occasions.

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