{Freshly Launched} Women In Business :: Piccolina Jewelry

Freshly Launched :: Piccolina Jewelry

Launched :: Lana Davis

LaunchHER Says :: Gorgeous gems & Swarovski crystals to adorn your favorite Valentine. We’re making our list now.

In HER Words ::

Piccolina Jewelry began as a hobby.  After 2 years as a stay at home mom, my husband encouraged me to learn how to make jewelry.  I took classes at a local bead shop and practiced the techniques at home.  After a year of working on designs, I decided that it was time to start a business.  Each piece is handmade and my focus is in wire wrapping semi-precious stones and Swarovski Crystal Elements.

Meaning behind my business name:  I wanted a name that would represent my daughter.  Her imagination and creativeness inspires and reminds me that I need to be the same way.  Piccolina means little one in Italian.

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