LaunchHER {SCOOP} :: Realia by Jen ~ The Paris Collection

It’s no secret we here at LaunchHER love baubles, sparkle, and the genius jewels Jen Scheffler creates. Jen recently launched her Spring 2013 creations, The Paris Collection, and we were lucky enough to attend the launch party.

The Paris Collection is a gorgeous group of romantic, yet on-trend, swoon-worthy jewelry. From etched polka dots to pearls and bows, here’s to bringing a little Paris to your Springtime. Visit Realia by jen to view the entire collection and see why we are in love with it all!

The SCOOP  :: Realia by jen’s spring 2013 Paris Collection was inspired by the designer’s first ever travel experience – studying abroad in Europe.  This collection showcases a young girl in her formative years exposed to a world much more deeply rooted and vast than she imagined possible.  Included amongst the eye opening encounters was the awakening of her sense of fashion, spurred on by her surroundings.  From the blatantly French iconography of the Eiffel tower to the delicious wafts of freshly baked cinnamon raisin croissants, Paris wages a magically rich assault on the senses.   These lingering memories have resurfaced in the colors and images of realia by jen’s Paris Collection.

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