{freshly launched} Women in Business :: Pushing Papers

Freshly Launched :: Pushing Papers

Launched :: Bee Eastman

LaunchHER Says :: After waiting anxiously for months, Pushing Papers is launched! Bee’s eye for stunning, heirloom-quality, letterpress is like none other. Her carefully curated selection will satisfy even the most particular paper lover.

In HER Words ::

A self-proclaimed memory gatherer, Bee draws upon her favorites of vacations, romance, holidays, and vintage memorabilia to design products that savor beautiful moments.

Turning over new opportunities is like opening a fresh notebook for Bee and she writes her own story on the pages of Pushing♥Papers. Fine stationery and the art of letter writing had been handed down from her mother who wrote a thank you note for every gift and every kindness she received. Each sentence, each thought, was a work of love.

It was time to build her own work of love – a stationery line that whispers of the past and speaks to the future.

Pushing♥Papers is more than quality cards and stationery, it’s taking a moment to live in the present, while being wrapped in the love of the past. It’s beautifully presented acts of gratitude and adoration. It’s the value of yesterday, the joy of today, the hope of tomorrow.

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