{freshly launched} Women In Business :: Sweet Iced Tea

Freshly Launched :: Sweet Iced Tea

Launched :: Katie Harp

LaunchHER Says :: Katie’s design eye is spot-on for what is hot & now. Monogram + chevron + pops of color, on totes, notepads, invites, water bottles, ipad covers — we dare you to declare a favorite. You just may not be able to. And that’s okay, because each item gives back in it’s own way by being socially consciously sourced.

In HER Words :: I am a full-time college student, computer geek, and serial internet entrepreneur who founded Sweet Iced Tea last year to combine my passion for design and socially conscious products. We have a variety of invitations printed on recycled paper as well as other gifts like monogrammed tote bags made by mothers in Kenya to support their families and laptop sleeves made in San Francisco with a focus on sustainability.

In between classes (and occasionally during classÂ…) I love designing graphics in Photoshop and coming up with new ideas. I also run a few other online startups and I hope to start more social ventures in the future, with an emphasis on eco-friendly and vegetarian things, and one
day be a woman on the Fortune 500.

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