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LaunchHER Says :: A genius combo of retail and co-op space for local designers with a variety of clothing, jewelry, handbags, visual art & furniture.  With a loft-area for designer use, an in-house tailor and an occasional DJ, Showroom is re-creating the retail landscape for the whole “shop local/buy local/support local” movement. Reminds us of our favorite Garment District showrooms in NYC.  Just one week until the May 31st Grand Opening of Showroom in Minneapolis ~ we can’t wait!

The Deets :: When local Minneapolis fashion designer Kimberly Jurek brought Jen Chilstrom onto the Kjurek line as part owner in 2012, they knew something unique and different needed to happen to their business to secure a sustainable, retailable future.

Discussions of a storefront for Kjurek quickly turned into research and a passion for a cooperative business model under an LLC.

Kimberly Jurek, co-owner, lead designer, and founder of Kjurek in 2005. Kimberly has been a self-employed professional in the fashion industry for 10 years. Kimberly is an accomplished sales representative who has grown Kjurek into a national and international brand.

Jen Chilstrom, co-owner and lead designer of Kjurek since 2012. Was a self-employed fashion designer, visual artist, and performer who started her former label, Djenne Recycling, on the west coast in 2000. She has been an art buyer and has run various fine art galleries across the U.S. Jennifer also has 15 years of experience working in and volunteering for various non-profit community-driven organizations.

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