{freshly launched} Women In Business :: Jackie Sparkles Jewelry

Freshly Launched :: Jackie Sparkles Jewelry

Launched :: Jackie Hall

LaunchHER Says :: As jewelry lovers, we see a lot of baubles & bling every day. After awhile, it takes something special to catch our eyes. Enter, Jackie Sparkles Jewelry! We are dying to pair the spike bracelet with our summer florals — adding just a touch of edge to the feminine and sweet looks we are living in right now.

In HER Words :: Jackie Sparkles Jewelry started as a hobby. In 2011 I moved from a small town of 9,000 people in Minnesota to Long Island, NY. Talk about culture shock! Struggling to make friends in a new place, I realized that I not only enjoyed designing jewelry, I was good at it! All of my pieces are handmade and sold online or at jewelry parties and I’ve recently started doing customized pieces for prom and other occasions.  While I’m still operating on a small scale, I’ve taken my passion and turned it into something for others to enjoy. After all, everyone needs a little sparkle!!

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