The “little things” :: A Special Thank You from LaunchHER

To say that we don’t get caught up in the number of Facebook fans LaunchHER has, would be a lie.  In fact, as we’re writing this, we have 2,504 fans.  Of course we keep track!  This is the community we interact with on a daily basis.  We use our Facebook page as a place to promote your business, share our business articles, and as a place to just “chat”.  Not only that, but we are sincerely flattered when we see people share LaunchHER posts, or recommend our page to other small business owners.  Facebook fans are very important to us.

LaunchHER Legal and Marketing for Women in BusinessAt one of our usual Monday Meetings about a month ago, we chose a random milestone {2,500 fans} and decided that once we reached that milestone we would offer something special to express our thanks.  We didn’t make a huge hoopla about it, just a simple post here and there, because we want our Facebook page to continue to be a community not just a place where people just come for “free” stuff.  This is about you, and the immense support you have shown us and to the entire LaunchHER network.  We are happy to have reached over 2,500 Facebook Fans!

Maybe you’re asking, what have I done?

You “liked” a recent Freshly Launched post.

You shared.

You introduced yourself.

You found inspiration.

You gave support.

You “liked” another business’ page.

You commented.

You participated in Look @ Me Monday.

You read.

It may seem like a little thing to you, but to us, it’s ALL about the “little things” because they add up to great things. Great, BIG things.

So please, join us tomorrow to see what BIG things we have in store for you – it is a one-day exclusive that we have NEVER offered before.

xxoo, Tracy & Kara

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide :: Share love.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas Handmade EtsyWhether you’re shopping for your Sweetheart or your Lil’ Sweetie, LaunchHER has a list of amazing Valentine’s Day Gifts that are sure to make hearts happy on February 14th.

{See something you like? Forward the link…husbands always appreciate a little help.}

Share love.

Lil’ Sweeties :: Share love.


Bella the Bear Valentine Headband


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LaunchHER Top 40 :: Profiles of Women Entrepreneurs 2011

Over the past 12 months, our tongue-in-cheek 40 Under 40 list of women-owned brands has become our most-read post. While the idea behind that list was to fulfill Kara’s personal goal of being named to a 40 Under 40 list while she was still, in fact, under 40, profiling amazing women entrepreneurs was thrilling.

So without further ado, we present the…

LaunchHER Top 40 :: Profiles of Women Entrepreneurs 2011*

In no particular order, but in keeping with tradition…in reverse alphabetical order, of course. {wink, wink}

  Molly Vernon {store owner/author}





    Jennifer Untermeyer {travel expert/entrepreneur}





  Amber Toste {boutique owner/fashion lover}





women in business becky sturm 3 way beauty   Becky Sturm {beauty business expert/inventor}





   Kim Stoegbauer {party stylist/editor/HGTV blogger}





   Leigh Standley {artist}





  Jessie Senese {party supplies}





   Anna Ryan & Selena Srabian {nurses/inventors}






   Mally Roncal {makeup artist/inventor}






   Cassandra Rippberger {graphic designer}






   Angela Parks {designer/blogger},





 Jo Packham {publisher/entrepreneur},



   Heather Mellstrom & Stephanie Monge {designers}





   Nikki McGonigal {author/crafter}





   Holly Mathis {interior designer}





   Jami Lindberg {entrepreneur/social media maven}





   Natalie Jost {designer/curator}





   Cathe Holden {graphic designer/writer}





   Valeria Guerrero {graphic designer/entrepreneur/founder}





   Sally Gemignani {party supplies}





   Jenny Ford {shoe designer/sugar lover}





   Lara Field {pediatric dietician/gluten-free guru}





   Tauni Everett {founder}





  Wendy Estes & Tiffany Harris {entrepreneurs/style mavens},





   Erin Edwards {jewelry designer}





   Rae Dunn {ceramic artist}





   Elizabeth Dehn {beauty writer & skincare creator}





  Anne M. Cramer {clothing designer}





   Bridget Connell {handbag designer}





   Jenni Clark {children’s clothing designer}





   Kim Christopherson & Kris Thurgood {DIY mavens}





  Grace Bonney {blogger/author}





  Jennifer Berson {publicist}





  Holly Becker {author/founder of decor8}





   Maureen Anders & Adria Ruff {graphic designers & party stylists}



*******************************launchher photo courtesy Megan Norman Photography

We are continually inspired by the women we meet, and are enjoying every minute of our own journey as women entrepreneurs.  Cheers!

~Kara Jensen Zitnick & Tracy Corcoran, LaunchHER

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* This article is the sole opinion of LaunchHER. No payment or other consideration was exchanged for inclusion.

LaunchHER Gift Guide 2011 – Wrap up the cheer!

LaunchHER Gift Guide 2011 – Wrap up the cheer!

A little known fact about us is that we love to give gifts! With the holidays quickly approaching, we are anxious to pick out the perfect gifts for each of our family members and friends. We want to help our readers find the perfect gifts too, and that’s where you come in. We are inviting you to include a product from your shop in the LaunchHER Gift Guide.

launchHER gift guide handmade gift picks 2011 christmas

What is so special about LaunchHER? ::

  • approximately 78% of our readers/fans are women ages 25-44
  • we utilize our social media networks to spread the word! f:1729 t:4009 in:445
  • we promote and share your business and product throughout November & December with a link to the guide on our sidebar.

Important details ::

  • Keep in mind that we are looking for “giftable” products to feature. Fun & unique ideas for women, men, kids, etc.
  • Fees – $25 to participate {FREE for LaunchHER League Members}
  • The featured product description & photos are due to {} by October 26th, 2011.
  • LaunchHER reserves the right to limit products and/or shops in certain categories due to demand.

There are only 25 spots available for the 2011 LaunchHER Gift Guide and they will go fast. Sign up today, and get your products noticed this holiday season. {cheers!}

Update: The 2011 LaunchHER Gift Guide is full.  If you are interested in other advertising opportunities with LaunchHER for the holiday season, or becoming a LaunchHER League member, please contact Tracy Thank you!

Entrepreneur Interview :: Jill Blashack Strahan, CEO Tastefully Simple

Jill Blashack Strahan Tastefully Simple Founder & CEOLaunchHER is thrilled to begin a new series of Entrepreneur Interviews to bring you real words of inspiration and advice from business owners. 

We begin with Tastefully Simple Founder & CEO, Jill Blashack Strahan.  Tastefully Simple is a Minnesota company that had a very humble beginning in 1995, and by 2005, Jill launched her brand into the Inc. 500 Hall of Fame.  Jill inspired us not only because she’s a local success, but also because her company employs independent consultants, many of whom are also women.  To be totally honest, I actually have Tastefully Simple products in my cupboard right now {the beer bread is amazing}! 

Enjoy Jill’s interview, and be sure to check out the links at the bottom to learn more…

LH :: Tell us about the moment you knew Tastefully Simple made it.

JBS :: In 2001, my founding partner and current COO, Joani Nielson, and I were jumping up and down and squealing with delight in the foyer after we opened up a next-day-air letter to find we were on the Inc. magazine list of the 500 fastest-growing companies. We called the whole team together into the warehouse and announced it. That made us feel like we were finally on the map.


LH :: In today’s economy, what suggestions would you give women entrepreneurs about creative ways to keep start-up costs low?

JBS :: Financing a new business is usually an issue, especially in this economy, so I encourage budding entrepreneurs to check out all the local and regional resources available to help them get started. The loan I received from the Small Business Administration was critical in my ability to transform Tastefully Simple from a dream to a reality. Beyond that, dream it, believe it and work it! Be very clear about what you want, have faith in that vision and be willing to do the work that’s necessary, because the harder you work, the luckier you get!


LH :: What are some challenges unique to women entrepreneurs, and how can we persevere?

JBS :: I’m not sure there are challenges that only women face – everyone experiences the fear of failure … and the fear of success! But fear is a great motivator. As Tommy Newberry has said, “We often don’t realize it, but we frequently come face-to-face with the exact obstacle we need at just the right time to sharpen us when we need it most.”

Start where you are, and be patient with yourself. A business is built one relationship at a time. During dark times, we can choose to get bitter … or to get better. Be prepared to make mistakes – at Tastefully Simple, we say we “reserve the right to get smarter” – and learn from them. Be willing to embrace change … because it’s inevitable. And surround yourself with positive influences, the people who help you hold onto your dreams and remind you of what you want your ideal life to be.


LH :: What did you look for when you first began hiring employees?

JBS :: I’ve come to the firm conclusion that there’s no extracting our personal life from our business life. In the same vein, the culture of any company is driven by our personal life, our personal beliefs and our personal values. Back in 1997, I sat down with our three employees and we brainstormed about what we did – and did NOT – want to be known for as a company. We developed our company’s seven core values. That was crucial because it created clarity in our own hearts and minds – and as our company grew, it ensured there would be no confusion about what our expectations and values are for anyone who comes on board.


LH :: As a woman entrepreneur and a mother, what has been your saving grace to balance it all?

JBS :: My personal definition of success is to be at peace and live a life of no regrets. When I reflect and act on my personal goals, which relate to my spirituality, family, social life, wellness, intellectual growth, finances and career, I find that sense of peace. Life isn’t perfect, but it is overflowing with teachings.           

Connect with Tastefully Simple / Read Simply Shine by Jill Blashack Strahan